Restore Physiotherapy offers Modified Pilates in 1 to 1 sessions or small sized classes.

Carol Chaddock teaches our Pilates. She has been trained and certified by The Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI).

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Pilates is a mind-body exercise technique that emphasises the importance of moving from a strong central core of muscles around your lower back and pelvis. The original technique was developed by its founder Joseph Pilates over the course of his lifetime (1880-1967). This system of exercise is gaining recognition in the medical and fitness worlds alike for management of postural problems and many types of injuries. Modified Pilates is a rehabilitation programme devised by the APPI (Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute). The physiotherapists who run our classes are trained by the APPI. It is particularly suitable for people with health problems such as back or neck pain and also for those that find “normal” Pilates too challenging. Although many of our customers are fit and healthy and prefer the close supervision we offer. The Matwork programme is based around 34 exercises. You will practice different combinations of these in your programme. You will progress over the course of your sessions by enhancing your “core stability” (the control of the muscles of your trunk) and your spinal mobility.
Before starting a course of Pilates we recommend you undergo a detailed personal consultation where the physiotherapist will examine your posture and movement to identify specific areas for you to work on. You will then be given some basic exercises to practice in preparation for your programme whether that be a 1 to 1 or as part of a class. This ensures that you will get the best from attending your sessions.
1 to 1 sessions last 45 minutes and the duration of each class is 60 minutes. Classes run as short courses of between 5 and 7 weekly sessions. Class numbers are small with a maximum of 12 participants. You are encouraged to progress at your own pace and there is opportunity to review your progress at the end of each course.
Due to Covid-19 infection control issues we no longer provide any equipment. Please bring your own mats and head support (Pilates blocks or a folded bath towel) You should wear comfortable clothing that will not restrict movement. We also recommend you wear socks.

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On-Demand – these are recorded sessions ranging from bite size (less than 5 mins) to full hour mixed ability classes. You can buy a mixed ability class for £6 (there are now a range to choose from which changes each week) or you can buy a 4 or 12 week pass giving you access to all our content so you can pick the type of class you do when it suits you.

Livestream – These classes are good for people who prefer to exercise at home and like the discipline of a set day and time. Livestream booking are very flexible as if you cancel up to an hour before the class starts your account is issued a class credit you can use to rebook. £6 per class

In-Person – These are our old style face to face classes with new Covid-19 secure practices, capacity is reduced to allow social distancing. Everyone is Covid screened on arrival and the room is well ventilated and capacity is reduced. Face coverings are worn prior to and after the class ends and sanitising procedures are in place. These classes are ideal for those who prefer more supervision. Please note that due to limited capacity there are no refunds for any in-person class cancellations until further notice. £10 per class

Courses – Choose a course if you plan to do the same class every week. Courses are run in blocks of between 4 and 7 weeks. There are in- person courses and livestream courses.

Schedule – This is where you can see a calendar of all our available classes and book individual sessions.

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